Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pretty Blue Nails - NOTD

Having 'borrowed' my mum's Sally card while I was back home for my birthday, I decided to put it to some use and start doing my own silk extensions. I've been having my nails done religiously for about 5 years until recently when as part of project clear-debt I went au naturel.

Anyway I decided that having watched vairous nail technicians do my nails on countless occasions It couldn't be THAT difficult so I thought I'd give it a crack. After a quick trip to Sally's I came home armed with fiberglass resin and enough china silk to keep a WAG happy for a good 10 years (I wasn't holding out much hope for my first attempt so thought it best to be prepared!)

An hour later, here is the finished result:

Admittedly, they aren't perfect but they're much better than I was expecting!!! I decided that they aren't quite good enough to go naked, though so I decided to give the much-lauded BMX Bandit by Collection 2000 an outing.

The paint job was a bit of a rush, but I'm really impressed by this polish - I've now tried Wham and BMX Bandit and both apply really well. I'm not convinced about them being one coat polishes, and I felt that I needed two coats to get decent coverage but given the drying time, the need for a second coat isn't a problem.

All in all I feel I've had a very productive day!!


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