Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Birthday Treats

I thought I’d give you all a sneaky peek at some of the lovely pressies I got for my birthday (I thought I’d posted this last week, but evidently not as it was lurking in my drafts!).

First up is this beautiful little ring that I’ve been lusting after from Tiffany – In the words of Holly Golightly “I’m just crazy about Tiffany’s!”

This was from the Mr, along with a rather pretty orchid which looks gorgeous in my dressing room.

Next I got a cute little Swarovski Tinkerbell necklace from the in-laws. I was eyeing this up in Meadowhall about 3 months ago but wasn’t sure when I’d wear it of if I’d wear it enough to justify the price tag. I absolutely adore it though, it’s a teensy bit tacky but then that’s me all over!!

From my mum and dad, I got my number plate for my car, money and some rather lovely Make Believe goodies – my mum has obviously noticed how much I love fake tan! I got the Self Tan Bronzing Lotion, Facial Tan with Bronzer and the Spa and Polish Exfoliator.(The Self Tan Bronzing Lotion isn’t in the picture because I’m not 100% sure what I’ve done with it – there’s a strong possibility that I’ve left this at my Mum’s!!)

I haven’t had a chance to road test these yet but as soon as I do there will be a review post!



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