Wednesday, 16 September 2009

REVIEW - Make Believe Facial Self Tan with Bronzer

Now its September and there desnt seem to be any sign of an Indian Summer (contrary to what the experts say), I've realised that it may be time to crack open the fake tan. I was always a St Tropez kinda girl, but my mum and dad bought me some Make Believe goodies for my birthday so I thought that I'd give them a whirl.

Unfortunately I still can't find the body self tan, so I can only review the facial self tan and exfoliator, but as soon as I find it/invest in replacement I'll get reviewing that too. I've heard really good things about the tan prolonger so I was looking forward to trying some other Make Believe products.

Facial Self Tan with Bronzer

This smells absolutely gorgeous, and comes in a handy little pump dispenser. The packaging is really pretty, and it looks prettier in my dressing room than St Tropez, but thats pretty much where the positives end! It looks very dark and a bit scary, but I assumed that this was the reason gloves were provided (stained palms/fingers - not a good look!). When I applied the lotion I was a bit disappointed, for something that looked so dark coming out of the bottle it was almost undetectable on my skin. I figured that maybe the colour just took a while to develop so I went off to do a few household chores.

Just before bed time I realised that I hadn't checked the progression of the tan. Imagine my disappointment when I had exactly the same pasty skintone I started out with. I expected so much more from a supposed 'premium' brand and was really really disappointed. This is definitely one product I won't be repurchasing in the future. I'll stick to my faithful old Dove moisturiser methinks!

Spa & Polish Exfoliator

At the other end of the scale I absolutely love this!! It has a cocoa buttery scent and a lovely creamy texture. The packaging is also pretty and its easy to open in the shower - not so easy to close though so be warned. Its very gentle as far as exfoliators go, which is great because I hate overly scratchy exfoliators. It leaves my skin feeling silky and smelling delicious, even my BF commented on how good it smells! I've been using it for the past 3 weeks and have barely made a dent in it so even though its £15 a pop it's definitely good value.

Needless to say, I'll be going back to the St Tropez pronto!



  1. It is difficult to change Saint Tropez indeed!!
    But the exfoliator looks amazing.
    Great review, sweety!

  2. It's a shame one of the goodies you got was a let down, but iv heard great reviews on the exfoliator too, so im glad you liked that tho :o)


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