Saturday, 12 September 2009

Dress Dilemma (pic heavy!)

Morning Lovelies!

Some of you might know that I'm going to a wedding this afternoon, and in true me style I still haven't decided what I'm wearing!

I've narrowed it down to 3 options so I thought I'd ask you lovely ladies for some advice as tho which way to go. I really need to learn to be decisive!!

Again apologies for the quality of the pics and the fact that I look like I've just got up - I have!!

Option one:

First up is this little beauty. I got this last December from M&S of all places. It was part of the Patricia Field collection and I instantly fell in love with it - possibly due to the subtle leopard print in the fabric.

And here it is on:

Option 2:

This one is from Next and was an absolute bargain at £50. Its super flattering but I have a feeling the bridesmaid dresses might be similar (especially due to the little sashy thing)!

Here it is on:

Option 3:

This is the dress I actually bought for the wedding. Is from Star by Julein Macdonald at Debenhams. I like the fact that its a bit different with the cream panels, but think it makes me look hippier than I already am!!

Here it is on:

I can't make a decision between the three so any help would be much appreciated!!

(Obviously I'll be cracking out the Spanx to suck in the podge!)



  1. I'd say go for the second - it's beautiful.x

  2. I love the first dress! however for a wedding, i'd go for the second.

    Are the bridesmaids wearing black?xx

  3. The third one is my fav! It's looks great on you.

  4. oooh i lik the third one!! Have a great day! x

  5. I may be a bit late but I like the 3rd one its gorgeous. Have fun don't get too drunk hehe :)

  6. Hello!I've discover you site!really love the third dress!and I think you are georgous and all that you choose you wearing!it's beautiful on you!^^D
    xoxo see you.


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