Tuesday, 23 February 2010

NOTD 23/02/201

Rimmel Wear Maxx in Celebrity Bash

Rating and Slating 23/02/2010


·         The return of the internet - tomorrow hopefully!

·         Having nails - having read Leanne's blog posts and seeing the wonderful world of Konad I want it!

·         Having nearly 100 followers - I'm still surprised anyone reads this drivel, but thank you one and all!



·         Having the urge to splurge - the spending ban has been going quite well, however the last few weeks I've been having to try extra hard to curb myslef - I've even resorted to taking my switch card out of my purse and giving it to the Mr to look after!

·         Mini delay - looks like its going to be another couple of weeks until I can pick my new car up, which makes me sad.

·         Bad news - it seems to have been a week filled with bad news and its only Tuesday - hopefully things will get better towards the end of the week.


Saturday, 20 February 2010

NOTD 21/02/10

Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Button Moon


Lee Stafford Haul and quick review

Hello Lovelies

As many of you will be aware I recently got my hair chopped, and as is customary with a new haircut I popped to Boots to pick up some new products to try out. I was drawn to the 'designer' hair care ranges and after a quick nosy at the James Brown and John Frieda displays I found myself drawn to the unmistakeable pink of the Lee Stafford stand. I've always got on quite well with Lee Stafford products since my first dalliance with the dry shampoo and dehumidifiers from the range about 5 years ago (plus I love the packaging) so I thought that I'd stick to what I know.

I ended up picking up another Dry Shampoo and Dehumidifier along with some new additions - Double Blow Mousse, Matt Fat Powder and Messed Up Light Spray Wax. I haven't had chance to try out all of the new products yet, but I have given the light spray wax a whirl.  My hairdresser recommended using wax to separate the layers, which frightened me slightly as I'm a hair wax virgin, and always thought that hair wax would automatically result in me having a nasty, greasy mop. Having tried spray wax however it turns out that isn't the case! The layers on the top of my hair are quite short and this spray does a great job of giving me slightly messy, bed-head style hair. The spray itself is quite fine but its not easy to direct so its a bit all or nothing. If you're looking for something to make your layers appear more piece-y and defined I'd probably say go for a more traditional pot of wax rather than this product. Obviously you need to be quite sparing with the spray as too much will turn your head into a bit of an oil slick but overall I'm pretty impressed with the spray and for what I want it's great.

Any other recommendations for layer-friendly hair products would be more than welcome!

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Saturday, 13 February 2010

NOTD 13/02/10

Yay my first NOTD post of 2010!

Now that the stumps have grown a bit I thought I'd add some colour. Today I went for Boots Natural Collection Nail Polish in Cosmic Crush (a gorgeous deep purple with a bit of shimmer) which has the honour of being my all time favourite bargain nail polish!

Hopefully there will be many more NOTDs to come :)

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Thank You Soap and Glory....

...for rescuing my non-existent nails!

I've been using Soap and Glory's Hand Food religiously for the last couple of weeks to try and turn my shameful nibbled stumps into something paintable and hey-presto it worked!

They're hardly into talon territory but they're a definite improvement on what went before, plus my hands feel gorgeously soft (and smell pretty good too!) - winner!

I'm sure my Soap and Glory bubble will burst soon (there has to be at least ONE product that isn't perfect), but until then I'll keep singing its praises.

What are your fave Soap and Glory products (and which are the ones to avoid??)

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New 'do

What's this?? Two posts in two days???? I must be getting a bit carried away or something. 

As a few of you will know, I got my hair did on Saturday - to be honest it was in desperate need of a cut (and colour) as I've been struggling to fit an appointment in due to general busyness and my hairdresser being 90 miles away. I really should consider getting a hairdresser in Sheffield, but I have serious trust issues when it comes to my hair.

I was umming and ahhing for about a week before my appointment (as seems to be the custom), toying with going dark or keeping it blonde, going short or keeping it long, so much so that when I walked into the salon I had absolutely no idea what I'd come out with! I made the decision to stay blonde, which was probably for the best as I currently have a Cullen-esque pallor (minus the sparkles) and I think that going dark would have washed me out completely. Plus, I'm generally much happier as a blonde as I find it gives me a bit of extra confidence. 

Once I had made the big decision about the colour, it was on to the style. My hair has been every style from long to a short inverted bob and everything in between. In the end, my hairdresser persuaded me to have some layers put through my bob to give it a bit more movement and texture which I was initially unsure about but now love! I'm at a bit of a loss how to deal with layers as the last time I had them I was about 15, but after a smash and grab raid on Boots, I'm thinking they might not be as much of a pain as I initially thought. The good thing about it is if I straighten it all out you can hardly spot the choppy-ness (so its perfect for work) but with a bit of wax/some waves its easy to funk up. 

Hopefully I'll get a few more pictures up once Sky sort out the horrendous mess that is my phoneline/broadband situation, but here are a few (very dodgy) photos from the Blackberry :) 


Monday, 8 February 2010

Rating and Slating 08/02/2010


·         T minus 3 weeks until I get my Mini - EEEEEEEK

·         Still enjoying the gym - I'm still looking forward to going to the gym and an actually starting to see some results - go me!

·         My new 'do - its different but I love it! Plus it gives me the perfect excuse to try out all manner of new products.

·         February being a short month - I may actually manage to make my pay packet stretch the whole distance for once



·         No internet access at home - STILL! You don't realise how dependant you are on something until its taken away! On the plu s side it does mean that I've got about 6 posts drafted and ready to go!

·         Valentines Day - call me miserable but I just can't be arsed with it all. To be honest I'm of the opinion that if you can't be nice to each other everyday, why bother on one day…just because Clinton Cards tells you to?? (The Mr thanks his lucky stars about this!)




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