Saturday, 20 February 2010

Lee Stafford Haul and quick review

Hello Lovelies

As many of you will be aware I recently got my hair chopped, and as is customary with a new haircut I popped to Boots to pick up some new products to try out. I was drawn to the 'designer' hair care ranges and after a quick nosy at the James Brown and John Frieda displays I found myself drawn to the unmistakeable pink of the Lee Stafford stand. I've always got on quite well with Lee Stafford products since my first dalliance with the dry shampoo and dehumidifiers from the range about 5 years ago (plus I love the packaging) so I thought that I'd stick to what I know.

I ended up picking up another Dry Shampoo and Dehumidifier along with some new additions - Double Blow Mousse, Matt Fat Powder and Messed Up Light Spray Wax. I haven't had chance to try out all of the new products yet, but I have given the light spray wax a whirl.  My hairdresser recommended using wax to separate the layers, which frightened me slightly as I'm a hair wax virgin, and always thought that hair wax would automatically result in me having a nasty, greasy mop. Having tried spray wax however it turns out that isn't the case! The layers on the top of my hair are quite short and this spray does a great job of giving me slightly messy, bed-head style hair. The spray itself is quite fine but its not easy to direct so its a bit all or nothing. If you're looking for something to make your layers appear more piece-y and defined I'd probably say go for a more traditional pot of wax rather than this product. Obviously you need to be quite sparing with the spray as too much will turn your head into a bit of an oil slick but overall I'm pretty impressed with the spray and for what I want it's great.

Any other recommendations for layer-friendly hair products would be more than welcome!

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  1. I really dont rate Lee Stafford products! But the smell is DELISH!
    I'm in love with Charles Worthington products, they are AMAZING!!

  2. Bought the travel sizes of Blonde Love shampoo, conditioner, treatment and serum (use b4 blowdrying or after to bring out highlights), not mad about the smell, seems to wash ok though, handy for nights away

  3. really curious about the As Ruff As U Like or the Messed Up finishers, I like a really really stiff wax .. anything softer just spreads around my hair making it all look greasy after an hour .. these ones are really dinky, I'd love to know what you's think of them

  4. @Ditzymakeup - I've never tried Charles Worthington before - might have to give some of the range a whirl!

    @Nol - the only Lee Stafford Shampoo I've ever used is the Bleach Blondes toning shampoo which is great but carries a massive risk of overtoning! I'll have to keep my eyes open for the two waxes you mentioned!


  5. @Nol - the as ruff as you like is in my opinion terrible :( i was very disappointed, but then again i normally use dax wax on my hair. However I thought i would give the clay a go and really i should have gave it a miss :( i was really dissappointed, its really REALLY stiff, i basically found that i couldnt style my hair with it at all, its really stiff (obviously because its a clay) but i thought that when i massaged it in my palms the heat would have made it a lot more flexible but that wasnt the case, I used a tiny amount of it and it made my hair look greasy :(. But everyone is different so yo should give it a go you might like it, as for me i think il give it a miss and pass it off to the bf :P xxx


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