Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New 'do

What's this?? Two posts in two days???? I must be getting a bit carried away or something. 

As a few of you will know, I got my hair did on Saturday - to be honest it was in desperate need of a cut (and colour) as I've been struggling to fit an appointment in due to general busyness and my hairdresser being 90 miles away. I really should consider getting a hairdresser in Sheffield, but I have serious trust issues when it comes to my hair.

I was umming and ahhing for about a week before my appointment (as seems to be the custom), toying with going dark or keeping it blonde, going short or keeping it long, so much so that when I walked into the salon I had absolutely no idea what I'd come out with! I made the decision to stay blonde, which was probably for the best as I currently have a Cullen-esque pallor (minus the sparkles) and I think that going dark would have washed me out completely. Plus, I'm generally much happier as a blonde as I find it gives me a bit of extra confidence. 

Once I had made the big decision about the colour, it was on to the style. My hair has been every style from long to a short inverted bob and everything in between. In the end, my hairdresser persuaded me to have some layers put through my bob to give it a bit more movement and texture which I was initially unsure about but now love! I'm at a bit of a loss how to deal with layers as the last time I had them I was about 15, but after a smash and grab raid on Boots, I'm thinking they might not be as much of a pain as I initially thought. The good thing about it is if I straighten it all out you can hardly spot the choppy-ness (so its perfect for work) but with a bit of wax/some waves its easy to funk up. 

Hopefully I'll get a few more pictures up once Sky sort out the horrendous mess that is my phoneline/broadband situation, but here are a few (very dodgy) photos from the Blackberry :) 



  1. Oooh i love it!! Really suits you :)

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  3. I love it!:).
    You are gorgeous dear, Wish i could get my hair that blonde.


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