Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Thank You Soap and Glory....

...for rescuing my non-existent nails!

I've been using Soap and Glory's Hand Food religiously for the last couple of weeks to try and turn my shameful nibbled stumps into something paintable and hey-presto it worked!

They're hardly into talon territory but they're a definite improvement on what went before, plus my hands feel gorgeously soft (and smell pretty good too!) - winner!

I'm sure my Soap and Glory bubble will burst soon (there has to be at least ONE product that isn't perfect), but until then I'll keep singing its praises.

What are your fave Soap and Glory products (and which are the ones to avoid??)

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  1. Oooh ive just gotten into hand food and cant stop applying it, hope it has the same resuls for me and my shamefull nails :S

  2. @Paula Its gorgeous isn't it?? I'm usually rubbish with hand creams but this one is definitely a keeper!! Hope it sorts your nails out too :) x

  3. I'm growing my nails too (can we say forgotten new year's resolution?) and I've just been using a Sally Hansen strengthener which I think is working really well but my nails were super sort in the first place :( I'm going to pick this up tomorrow and give it a try. I used a Clarins hand and nail cream but it was pants.

  4. I love the S&G Hand Food too, infact i love all of the Soap & Glory products that i've tried so far! x

  5. I always eye up this range but never buy anything, im guessing this is a must item of theres :)

  6. Oooh love what it's done for your nails, hope I get the same results!



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