Tuesday, 8 September 2009

NOTD 8/9

Here's the second road test of my Collection 2000 Hot Looks purchases, and this time its Button Moon. The colour is a really fresh aqua colour (in fact it's the exact colour I wanted my bathroom). It certainly cheered me up on an otherwise miserable Tuesday morning, and even my office's resident grump commented on how 'perky' (?!?!) my nails were looking. I'm presuming that was meant as a compliment!! It's not hugely shiny, but I soon remedied that with a healthy dose of topcoat. I wish I could get on with matte nails but somehow I just can't. Just like BMX Bandit, the polish goes on really well and dries like lightening – again I needed two coats, but that is partly my own fault due to a massive smudge! If anything, I'd say that the coverage of Button Moon is slightly better than BMX Bandit, but that might just be me. All in all, I'm so impressed with these polishes I might just have to invest in a few more!!


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