Friday, 18 September 2009

Using it up (and chucking it out).......

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but for some reason I get a strange kick out of using up the last of a product - maybe its the compulsive shopper in me getting excited about buying a replacement!! Anyway in recent times, I've been a bit (a lot) prone to buying a) products I don't need, and b) buying in bulk. So much so that I've amassed quite a collection of unopened / opened once, sniffed, and forgotten about goodies. As you can see I have 3 drawers full of everything you can imagine, from hair serum to moisturiser to shower gel. After my little splurge yesterday, I decided that its high time that I put my advantage card away and start getting to work on the goodies I've stockpiled (as inspired by a number of other bloggers). Rather than bore anyone with weekly updates, I'll probably keep a little log of the products I've finished in the sidebar.

The first two products bit the dust tonight: Toni and Guy Platinum Blonde Shampoo and Superdrug Colour Effects Cool Blonde. Hopefully many more will follow suit before September is out!!



  1. i did this about a month ago and made so much room for more goodies! It didnt take that long to get rid of about 10 bottles! good luck xxx

  2. I'm working my way through my stuff and have emptied 7 things since the weekend. It's ridiculous isn't it?! Looking forward to shopping for more though lol xx


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