Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Baby its cold outside........

….and I've realised that its time I started shopping for a winter coat. I love shopping for winter coats, and I'm happy to spend quite a bit as I hate being cold, but I often struggle to find a coat that can take me from office to town to the match. I'd love to be in a position to buy three different coats to cover all eventualities but unfortunately on my legal aid salary its nto going to happen!!

Ive had a bit of a browse online and in Meadowhall and I've singled out a few candidates which I quite fancy but nothing is screaming 'buy me' just yet! I'm considering going for something bright this year as I always seem to fall into the same old grey/black rut, but 90% of the coats I actually like are the same old dull colours. I'm starting to think a trip to the Trafford Centre may be in order as Meadowhall has left me uninspired.

Currently out in front is this one from Republic. I know, I know, its grey, and I'm not entirely sold on the patent buckles but I do like the cut!

I've also seen a rather cute hot pink one in Dotty P's with ruffles, but I'm not entirely sure that its office appropriate.

Hopefully I'll find something I like before it starts snowing!!


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  1. Im in the same boat! I want something.. different for this year, but im not being drawn to anyting!! x


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