Saturday, 22 August 2009

Wedding Outfit

Morning all!!

I'm up ridiculously early on Saturday morning, so I thought I'd do something constructive and think about my outfit for my friend's weeding in September. The British weather being as it is, I've decided that black is probably the way to go (I am the queen of the LBD!), so thought I'd have a little play on Polyvore to see what I could come up with.

I started thinking down the lines of Holly Golightly/Charlotte York/Blair Waldorf and the first set I came up with was a pretty simple ladylike look:

I think this is probably the direction I'll go in, I just need my very own Chuck Bass now!!

What do you think ladies??



  1. oh yess we all need our own Chuck Bass :P!!
    I love it!! Very lady like!

  2. Your picks are very princess-like!

  3. I love the outfit!! It is a bit similar to the one I wore for a wedding last month. I posted it on my blog, just in case you would like to check it!!


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