Friday, 7 August 2009

Forgotten Faves #2

Back in the dark days, before I discovered the Mac counter or the wonders of GOSH's Darling this little beauty from Benefit was my staple nude lip colour. Didn't Hear It From Me is (IMO) a fab light pink/nude gloss which was never out of my bag both during the day and at night. It can be a teensy bit drying at times but aside from that its nigh on perfect - its not sticky at all which is usually the reason I fall out with lip glosses.

I'm not really sure why it ended up festering at the bottom of my box of tricks - all I can think of is that it got pushed off its podium by Darling and/or Underage, but its definately high time for a revival, especially since I have a couple of back-ups from when Glamour were giving away free glosses a few months ago!



  1. I'm trying to make a serious effort with this blogging stuff - must stop getting distracted!! xx


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