Wednesday, 19 August 2009

REVIEW - Revlon Matte Lipstick - Nude Attitude (photos to follow)

I first spotted this in a magazine advert and instantly thought 'I have to have it!
After eyeing it up in Boots for a while, I decided I couldn't resist any longer and took the plunge.

First impressions were that it was VERY matte (funny that, considering its a matte lipstick!) and the first time I tried it out I was less than impressed. It has a really drying formula, and made me look like I had awful foundation lips. Not to be disheartened, I gve it another whirl for my BBQ on Saturday night. This time I applied an intensive lip treatment first and then used the lippy over the top. It was fine for about half an hour but then began to crack and look awful again. I dont mind reapplying lipstick at all, but I don't want to spend all night doing it!

The colour is quite similar to MAC Myth, though in the tube it looks a slightly scary orangey tinged nude.

All in all I'm not massively impressed by this lipstick - having read a few reviews on MUA it seems that I'm not alone in my disappointment. Think I'll be sticking mith my MAC lippies for a while yet!!

ETA: I've had a little scout around for some (non-MAC) alternatives and have found one that looks fab on the Elf website (Natural Nymph) but the particular colour is only available in the US - booo!!


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