Sunday, 9 August 2009

Forgotten Faves # 3

On to another forgotton treasure (and another offering from Benefit). This time its Big Beautiful Eyes, a mini pallete containing 3 eyeshadows and a pan of Boi-ing concealer, which is coincidentally one of my faves. The reason that i dug this out was because I'm running really low on concealer and a little voice popped into my head reminding me of the emergency stash in this pallette.

As you can see I could really do with another one of these as its had some serious love in the past!!

All three shadows are very pigmented and really easy to blend. This was the pallete that taught me a lot about contouring and blending (you get a really handy little step-by-step instruction leaflet in the pallete which was great back when I was a rookie). The base colour is a really pretty pinky-beige colour with a bit of shimmer, the contour colour also is a little shimmery and is a mid-brown, taupey colour. The final colour is a matte brown which is to be used as a liner. As you can see I havent used a great deal of the liner colour as I prefer to use a gel liner, but if you're going for a more subtle look the shadow works fine. I used to use this pallete on an almost daily basis as in my job neutral eye make up is the way to go, and having had another play with it, I think I will definately repurchase.

The pallete also came with a mini concealer brush and a double-ended liner/contour brush (god knows where they've gone!). As far as mini brushes go, these were pretty good *note to self: track down mini brushes* and would be fine to carry around in your on the go makeup bag.

I used this little beauty today before lunch with the in laws I attempted to take some pics but unfortunately my camera is knackered and I'm currently relying on my phone for snaps, but as soon as I get a new one (hopefully after my bday) I'll get some pics up :)

What forgotton favourites are lurking in the bottom of your make up bag??


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