Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Rating and Slating 28/10/2009


  • UGGs - I'm on my third pair now and I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. I've even resorted to keeping an old pair under my desk at work!
  • Guinea Pigs - After a trip to Pets at Home for some food for devil-cat, I finally managed to convince the Mr that we need a Guinea Pig (or two) in our lives

  • New Moon Midnight showings - got my tickets booked, eeek!

  • Sleek Graphite Palette - I picked this up at lunchtime and I can't wait to give it a whirl!


  • Leaving the office when its dark - I don't mind getting to work when its dark, but leaving the office in the pitch black is not good (It doesn't help matters that we share a building with the probation service). For some reason everything is so much more effort when its dark - going to the gym, going to the cinema, doing the washing...I just want to hibernate!!

  • Not being able to get a hair appointment when I need one as my hairdresser's going on holiday - I'm sure if she saw the state of my roots she'd be on the first plane home.



  1. There doing them midnight bookings at the cinema near me. I went last night and saw a trailer for New Moon, excited to see it! Lots of topless hotties aswell! Haha.

    Oh and you do need a guinea pig! There so cute with their squeaking :)

  2. @Carla I need to replace my knackered chocolate ones but I haveto sort out my Christmas shopping first - boo!

    @CBethGlitter - Oh yes! Its fully acceptable to drool over Taylor Lautner even though he's 17 lol


  3. I agree with the dark thing! I feel like throwing my A level books out on the streets and just sleeping the whole winter.
    Lovin the eye candy btw ahaha! Go GG!


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