Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Arm Candy



I finally got my mitts on the Matthew Williamson bag that I've been losting over in Debenhams. If any of you saw my 'whats in my bag' post from a while ago, you'll know that squeezing all my crap into that tiny wee Radley bag was proving difficult. No such problems anymore - this baby is a Mary Poppins bag in the truest sense. Nevermind the kitchen sink, I can pretty much fit the tumble dryer in here too (and more importantly, my make up bag)!


Amazingly, I made it in and out of Debenhams without a second glance at the MAC concession - not sure what was going on there!


I generally seem to be drawn to brown leather bags. No particular reason, that just seems to be my preference. This one is a lush chocolate brown with  pink and blue stitching, and a gorgeous hot pink lining.  I'm not sure what it is about me and linings, all of my work suits all have crazy linings - I think its because my work environment is so conservative it’s the only chance I have to inject a splash of colour.


Anyway I was so excited about my new purchase I just had to share, as I'm not sure that anyone else in the office is all that interested :(




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  1. Hate it when people aren't interested in new items lol! Its nice :o)

    Also i've given you a blog award x


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