Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My First Blog Award......

Hello lovelies!

First of all a HUGE thank you to the gorgeous Domanique for giving me my very first blog award. To be honest I didn’t really expect anyone to read this blog, it was just a place for me to talk about make-up as I’m pretty sure the Mr has got to the stage where he just smiles and nods to keep me happy (me talking to myself is nothing out of the ordinary as I’m sure my work colleagues would be willing to testify). Anyway I’m dead chuffed that someone has found even one thing on here that they want to read, so thank you again!!!

The rules for this award are as follows:

Thank the blogger who awarded you and link her.
Put the picture of the award in your blog.
Award 7 bloggers and link them.
Tell them you awarded them.
Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself!

Here are the 7 (equally fabulous) bloggers I will be awarding:

Miss Dolly Gal

And here's my 7 random facts:

1. I am a massive football fan and have held a Sheffield Wednesday season ticket for 13 years.
2. I am frightened to death of fish and snakes…..basically I don’t trust anything without legs.
3. I have a bit of an Anthea Turner complex, I love cleaning, tidying, cooking and anything else that is a bit house-wifey
4. I am possibly the least maternal person on the planet
5. I love reading, I will read absolutely anything. I can read a book in a day on holiday easily.
6. I’m a qualified snowboarding instructor. Sometimes I wonder where I’d have ended up if I’d followed my heart and gone to Canada to instruct rather than rushing straight into uni.
7. I talk to my mum on the phone every single day (yes I'm a bit soppy).



  1. Congratulations on your first award lady!

    Blogs are a great way to indulge in the important stuff but I'm actually quite proud that my bf knows what depotting is... he asks questions now and then to make an effort... and then glazes over as I start telling him about my new shadow/liner/lipstick hahaaha!


  2. Thanks so much for passing this award to me! Congrats on yours. I really think that you deserve many more...

  3. Thanks ladies!

    To be honest the Mr feigns more of an interest than I do in Xbox and gadgets so I can't complain too much!!



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