Monday, 19 October 2009

Rating and Slating 19/10/2009

The original plan was to put one of these together every Tuesday, but this week it’s a little bit early as I’ll be at the match tomorrow night cheering on the (not so) mighty Owls.


  • My new blue woolly beret from Next – I’m very much a hat person, and I love my latest purchase, it’s a really pretty royal blue with little sequins (I’m a sucker for a sequin or 50).
  • Sleek Storm Palette – This has been nestling in the bottom of one of my make-up boxes for too long. It’s had a revival of sorts over the last weekend.
  • Windows Live Writer - Makes this blogging lark easy peasey lemon squeezy, and I’m all for making life simpler!
  • Getting back in my kitchen groove Baking, making soups, Sunday dinners, whatever. The thing I love most about winter is cooking up a storm (we’re very BBQ reliant in the summer!)
  • Counting down to my holiday – I’ve already started ticking off the days to my mini snowboarding holiday in January. We usually go to Canada over Christmas to visit the rellies but this year they’re coming over here – they must be mad, why would anyone leave the snow for a wet, miserable Christmas in the UK?! I thought this had put paid to my snowboarding this year (aside from a few trips to Xscape), but the Mr surprised me with a 4 day break to Les Saisies on the 7 January - Yay!!


  • The Rain – My hair doesn’t cope with humidity very well (think Monica from Friends), which is probably half of the reason I’m such a fan of hats!
  • Being poor – Though I know paying my overdraft off is a good thing, I’m not loving the fact that it means I’m going to be living on a shoestring until February. This is NOT good for my make-up habit.
  • Sky Plus being on the blink – Naturally, the Mr sees this as a blessing / a sign that we need Sky HD upstairs as well. I see it as a sign that I must spend the next weekend holed up in our bedroom watching the endless episodes of ANTM and NCIS I have recorded in case they’re wiped from my life forever.

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  1. I'm loving the sleek storm palette at the moment too, especially the golds - gorgeous! xxx


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