Friday, 9 April 2010

Slightly Belated 100 follower giveaway - CLOSED


Here it is – my not-so-long-awaited 100 follower giveaway. Thank you to all of my lovely followers, I do read all of my comments, though I can be a bit slow at replying to them and appreciate each and every one of you!

Without further ado, lets get to the good stuff – THE PRIZE!!

The giveaway winner will win everything pictured above. I decided to make up the prize of some of my favourite products, and hopefully there’s something for everyone.

One lucky winner will win:

  • FCUK Make-up bag (perfectly handbag-sized)
  • A bottle of St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse
  • Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
  • Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polishes in BMX Bandit and Siren
  • Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy
  • Boots Extracts Almond Body Butter
  • Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Apple Blossom

Obviously all products are brand new and have never been used!

The Rules (Thank you to the lovely Rhamnousia who let me pinch her watertight giveaway rules):

  • Follow this blog and be an active blogger, either in the beauty or fashion community.  This giveaway is to say thank you to my genuine followers. Its not for the 2000 people who will suddenly decide to follow me because they see the “G” word then disappear back into the ether. Obviously I welcome new followers, but I’d rather those followers had a blog and/or had something to say and aren’t just in it for the ‘free lunch’ so to speak.
  • For 1 entry: Leave a comment below telling me what your favourite type of blog posts are (e.g. reviews, FOTD, OOTD, Hauls)and of course, the obligatory "enter me".
  • For 2 entries: Post on your blog or tweet about the giveaway
  • For 3 entries: Have a link in your sidebar about the giveaway

If you post about my giveaway on your blog, tweet about it or link back to it, let me know so that I can give you your extra entries

This giveaway will be open for 3 weeks from……………….NOW!!(Closing on 30 April at midnight)

Good luck ladies!!



  1. Love ur blog! I love Haul blog posts!! x

  2. Enter me please babe :) I put your link in my sidebar! XO

  3. Lovely giveaway hun! Please enter me :)
    I love blogs with lots of variety but I particularly enjoy reading reviews and FOTD's. I've posted a link in my sidebar too -


    PS Sorry if this is a duplicate comment but I pressed the back button just as my comment was posting, so wasn't sure if you got it or not!! xx

  4. i dont have a blog :( didnt think anyone would actually follow it, but i actively read beauty blogs everyday, in fact i get bored when i don't have one to read.

    and you know i loved the nosey around your kitchen yesterday ;), dont know if im allowed to enter but ill give it a try :)

    Enter Meeeee please :)

    i'll tweet about your prize but i understand that i dont have a beauty blog and will prob not be entered but i thought it a great giveaway and worth a shot :)

    Great prizes

  5. I love reading reviews and seeing haul posts.
    Enter me please xx

  6. Enter me please :)

    I have to say that I love hauls the most, probably cause it gets me all inspired :)

  7. Well done huni :)

    Enter me pretty please I love hauls makeup, clothes, shoes, bags, lol but overall I love makeup reviews foundations & lippies are my fav :)

  8. Yay... you finally got round to it!!! haha.

    Enter me please hunny, fantastic prizes!! I love all kinds of posts really. I do love foundation and Lipstick reviews though like Juicy said. Like NOTD's too.

    I've put a link in my sidebar for you babe.

    You can find it here:


  9. Enter Me Please! I love haul and NOTD posts :)
    I've retweeted your link & put a link in my sidebar (

  10. I think i need to follow more blogs, this is great! Would have no idea where to start on one of my own, maybe thats a job for summer!

    Love the reviews, its great to get impartial advice and opinions rather than trusting adverts! (especially now I am buying things like anti-wrinkle cream :()

    Enter me pleeeeeaassee!

  11. Enter me please :)
    My favourite blog posts are either reviews( seriously helpful) or hauls, because i'm nosey and like to know what other people spend their money on :)

    And I'm a pretty active blogger, i've only just started out though =]

  12. Love reading reviews and NOTD's are always nice.

    Enter me please :)

    Fee x

  13. Ohh great giveaway and i became an active blogger again recently! Woop
    I think you should so more OOTD posts and show your pretty face more
    And posts about YOU. The one with your kitchen= me drooling
    I shall tweet about it lovely :)

  14. COngratualtions on the followers honey you deserve many more I love FOTD and NOTD posts :)I've put a link in my sidebar xx

  15. Enter me please :)
    My favorites are reviews and FOTDs.

  16. enter me please XD

    my favorite posts are hauls and reviews

    i linked this to my sidebar :) it's under giveaways. BrionyLou's giveaway :]


  17. hiya i am a newbie to the beauty blogging world but have been around for a while on other blogging topics, i am new to your blog so i hope i can still enter, i am a follow

  18. Hey :D

    i love your blog!!
    I like reviews and Hauls..please enter me!

  19. Hi, I`m a new follower, but not just because of this Giveaway, will be a regular reader ;) And I am new in blog word so I just found your blog ;)

    Enter me please! I love reviews that are really honest with lot of pictures ;)

    Have a great week!

  20. Great giveaway :)

    I love reading reviews on products.

    Enter me please



  21. My favourite type of posts are hauls, I love them. I'm so nosy so definitely love love them.

    Enter me please my email is

  22. Hii!
    I'm Risya
    My Email: Risya271(at)yahoo(dot)com

    *I'm your followers^^ (username: Risyaa♥)

    +1 My favorite type of blog are definitely Reviews because most of the times it is very reliable & useful esp for myself to check whether they're worth to buy or not^^
    I also lovees anything that has to do with Foundation~~ Foundation Hauls, Reviews, Swatches, etc^^
    +1 posted this giveaway on my blog with the pic & the link back (

    I really hope I'll win~
    Fingers crossed^^
    Tnx. <3

  23. Enter Me Please! ! :)
    I am a new follower via google friend !

    My favorite type of blog are hauls haha because i love to see what ppl buy and have :)

    i post your giveaway link:

    i post your giveaway here your link on my sidebar :
    awesome giveaways

    email me :

    thank you :)

  24. Enterrrr meeee! ♥



    awesome giveaway!!!!

  25. Hi, lovely! It's Catanya here!
    Congrats on your number of followers, honey, you deserve it! I would like to enter your generous gieaway,
    so here we go,
    my fave blog entries are makeup looks, skincare reviews, hauls and organization/storing of makeup products. I like pretty much everything as you can see!

  26. I am going to tweet about it, I think you can see it in my timeline. My username as you may know, is Catanya.

  27. enter me please! reviews on new products are my favourite blog posts!

    i have linked to your giveaway at the sidebar at:


    thanks <3!

  28. ener me please! I love reading reviews :)

  29. Hey doll! I am a happy follower of yours, please enter me! I love seeing reviews of products on blog posts and FOTD with full descriptions of what was being used!

    *extra 3- I will be linking your blog and this giveaway on my sidebar under the "Giveaway" section! ♥ Good luck to everyone and best wishes! ♥

  30. please enter me:) my favourite blog posts are actually nail polish reviews, but i also love interior posts as i dont come across them as often:)

    i've also posted a link to this giveaway in my sidebar
    thanks!:) xx

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Lovely and so generous giveway!!!Enter me please!!!

  33. enter me please
    i love reading about cheap and affordable makeup but also about make up that you have regretted buying xx


  34. I’m a new follower! Enter me please :) My favourite posts are the ones about product reviews, because thanks to reading those I get to know about the good (and the bad) products out there :)

    I blogged about it over here as well:

    Put you in my sidebar:


  35. enter me please gooorgeous.

    i really love ootd. i think it's so fun to see all the clothes you have and how you put them together with creativity. xoxox

  36. Enter me please (: I'm a new Follower :D
    I love Huals and OOTD's~

    I blogged here;


  37. Heya hunny bee

    I am a new follower however I love love love following new bloggers who are passionate for cosmetics hehe

    I LOVE to read about makeup hauls hehe they make me all giddy and cheery hehehe
    Also makeup and skincare reviews, I love to know secrets about cosmetics so any tips are great!
    Also how people store theyre makeup stash!
    I am ALWAYS looking for new and exciting ways to store makeup so thats a big YES for me hehehhe

    I would like to congratulate you on reaching 100 followers and many more in the near future!
    You have a very nice blog and I will am happy that i stumbled across here~x

    I have added you on my sidebar, as i think your giveaway is super cute^^
    Thank you hunny bee

    My Blog:

    My email:


  38. Congrats on the 100 followers :)
    enter me please. i love reading Ins and Outs blogs- it allows me to see what other people love and hate to see if i can relate to it haha.
    I posted this in my sidebar :)
    i've just started blogging too, check it out if you can :)

  39. Hello!
    Great giveaway =) Enter me please!
    My favorite blog posts are reviews ;)

    I'm spreading the word in my blog's sidebar:


    Thanks for this opportunity! =D

  40. Enter me lovely :)

    I'd love to see more hauls + reviews :D

    I have blogged about your giveaway here :)


  41. Hey!Enter me please :)
    I'd love to see more tutorials
    The giveaway is on my sidebar under shiny things at (just started blogging though-so no followers yet to see it:( )

  42. i posted this in my sidebar! three more entries for me! YAY! xoxox

  43. Enter me please :)

    I love review posts, they really help me to decide whether I want to buy a new or old product or not!

    Congrats on your followers, I am trying to do the same when i get 100 followers

  44. great giveaway!
    i'm a follower
    and my favorite posts are hauls more than anything.

    bonjourdanielle @ live . com

  45. I'm addicted to all to all the NOTD. But also love the reviews. Oh and I quite like the hauls.

    Please enter me.

  46. I'm new follawer.
    enter me please.

  47. I love seeing all the NOTD. so fun!

  48. enter me please!
    I love FOTD's!

  49. New follower here, enter me please!

    I like haul posts.

  50. Hi! Enter me please!
    I like OOTD posts, I like getting inspiration from them!

    I posted your giveaway to my sidebar!

    zsuzsmuzs (at)

  51. I'm a follower! Enter me please. :)
    My favourite types of posts would have to be reviews, hauls, and any of the getting to know you type posts!
    hot_ring_gal at

  52. Great giveaway enter me please :)

    I have also linked it in my sidebar..

    lisa xx

  53. Hi!
    Great giveaway ^__^
    Enter me please!
    My favorite blog posts are hauls and reviews! I love reviews!

    I'm spreading your giveaway in my blog's sidebar:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
    silvialima (at) gmail (dot)com


  54. Great give away! my favourite posts are FOTD's and reviews! :)

    I put your link in my sidebar and I have tweeted :)

  55. my fav type of blog post are the ones that introduce me to new products. especially on etsy! i love looking at what people come up with :D

  56. hi! i'm sorry i can't remember if my comment went through or not, if it did just delete this one but holy cow what a great giveaway! new follower here ;-)

    i have reposted your giveaway here:

    aaand my fave posts are ones with swatch comparisons as well as reviews. thanks! xo

  57. Thank you for this sweet giveaway! Please enter me :) My favorite posts to see are hauls/reviews and organizations/collections.

    I've also just posted this in my blog's sidebar!


  58. Enter me please :)
    I love hauls and product reviews!

  59. hey! great giveaway! i havent heard of those brands! ;o
    i'm a follower via friend connect
    and my favorite posts are hauls, its so exciting see how much nail polish people go out and get! i usually just buy one or two polishes at a time, not a bunch!

    and enter me please!!
    bonjourdanielle at live dot com

  60. Enter me please hun i loev seeing FOTD's :D xx

  61. Enter me :)

    hey, i already be your follower
    i love about products review, it makes know more if i decide to choose the new product to use :)

    hope i can get those price :)

  62. Hi!

    Enter me!
    I love the OOTD and the hauls.

    My blog post:

    I have a link to this giveaway on my left sidebar.

    Thank you!

  63. congrats sweetie & enter me pretty please im already a follower :)

    i love ootd & fotd & hauls too lol

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Hi!
    Enter me please!
    I love reviews and I tweeted


  66. Well Done Hun for all your followers!

    Please Enter Me!!

    My favourite things I like reading on blogs are FOTD,Hauls and What's everyone using in there make-up routine.

  67. hi! i'm a follower of your blog, my follower name is Jennifer.

    Please enter me <3 i'd love to see more OOTDs, hauls and products that you bought but don't work for you!


    followed you on twitter as well, I am: barbiepinknails

    tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dot)com

    my regular beauty blog: (to show i'm an active blogger)

    thanks for the giveaway :)

  68. Enter me please!
    I like reviews and hauls!
    I posted about it here:

  69. I adore your hauls! I'm addicted to shopping and it's always good to know what's out there ya know wt i mean? hehe....


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