Monday, 19 April 2010

“I’m Just Crazy About Tiffany’s….”

… said the fabulous Audrey Hepburn in my favourite film of all time, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  I spent many an afternoon on the sofa with my Grandma watching Paul Varjak’s pursuit of “that daring, darling” Holly Golightly, and I think that has to be where my obsession with the little blue boxes (and Audrey Hepburn) comes from. I have quite a collection of Audrey memorabilia which I’ve built up over the years, but until I met the Mr that little blue box had eluded me.

The Mr isn’t the best at buying presents but he knows me well enough to know that if its shiny I’ll probably like it! I thought I’d do a little post on my day-to-day jewellery, as though I love costume jewellery I don’t wear it all that often and tend to stick to the same staples. All of the items I wear on a day to day basis are presents from the Mr – yes, I’m a very lucky girl!!


So here we have it. I’m not a gold girl at all, I think gold can look lovely on other people, its just not for me!

The Items I wear everyday are: Gucci watch, Tiffany & Co Interlocking Circles ring, Return to Tiffany double heart pendant and Return to Tiffany bracelet.

Next on my wish list are earrings and a Tiffany Key, but I can’t decide which one!

Do you have any items that you wear every day?



  1. I love your interlocking ring it looks so pretty!x

  2. bracelet looks great!

  3. I change most of my jewellery daily, but I always wear my tiffany earrings and my return to tiffany bracelet :)

  4. @Daisy - thank you! I'm not very good with rings as they tend to annoy me, but I love this one :)

    @R May A - I wish I could be bothered to change me jewellery daily - I'm just too lazy lol

  5. you lucky girl! I'd love to have a gucci watch.


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