Wednesday, 21 April 2010

REVIEW: Skin Wisdom All Day Light Moisture Cream

skin wisdom

I picked this up during a recent trip to Tesco (I must stop sneaking things into the trolley while the Mr is not looking) as I was looking for a cheapy moisturiser to use every day. I should probably be considering a more hardcore moisturiser, but at the moment I don’t think my skin needs anything heavier. Maybe I’ll rethink when I hit 25!

The Skin Wisdom range has been created for Tesco by Bharti Vyas (who is a holistic beauty therapist) and the range of skin care is designed to bring all of the benefits of professional therapies to your own bathroom. The Skin Wisdom range sells all manner of other skin care products, from cleansers and toners to exfoliators and eye cream.

The packaging lists Spring Sea Water, Green Tea and Chamomile as its active ingredients -the spring sea water helps to boost moisture levels in the skin and the Green Tea and Chamomile promise to soothe the skin and protect against the ageing process.

The cream itself is white in colour and it has a fresh scent to it which I wouldn't think would irritate even the most sensitive of skins. The product is very light, so you only need to use a very small amount as little goes a long way. Once applied, I find that the product sinks in very quickly and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

For anyone with normal/combination skin I would recommend this product, but for anyone with dry skin it may be a little bit too light. I’m not sure that this will replace my Soap and Glory Catch a Wrinkle in Time (which is my usual moisturiser), but for under £3 is a bargain!



  1. For that price it's definitely worth checking out, thanks for the review!

  2. I sneak stuff into the trolley when Mr.Wedgie isn't looking as well! It drives him crazy! LOL I'll take a look at that range next time I pop in! x

  3. Nice review!

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  4. I've got this!! lol I love it :P great review :)


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