Wednesday, 14 April 2010

REVIEW: Skin Therapy Eye Make Up Remover


No fancy names here, but then what can you expect from 79p? Yes you read that right – seventy nine pence. Although I’m a sucker for a bargain I don’t make a habit of picking up my skincare in Wilkinsons (though they do sell other brands at bargainous prices), however I was about to be late for my spinning class and I realised I a) had no eye makeup remover, and b) had exactly £1.17 on me. I popped into Wilkos expecting to come out with some paint stripper-esque baby wipes but lo and behold I spotted this beauty. Naturally I picked it up and left the shop feeling very pleased with myself for getting eye make up remover AND a Twix for the princely sum of £1.17.

So onto the review. The packaging is nothing special, I'd prefer a pump dispenser than the hole-in-the lid which you get but again, its 79p, you can't expect too much!

The product is very much water-like, its runny, clear, and is fragrance-free. I generally prefer liquid/oil based eye makeup removers as I find gel ones a bit slimy and cream ones leave too much residue. It promises to gently moisturise with conditioning agents, though I'm not entirely convinced by this claim. I didn’t notice any moisturising qualities what so ever, but then if you want moisture buy an eye cream!

So onto the burning question… it any good? I'd say for 79p, yes. It shifts my daily eye makeup (currently Max Factor Lash Extension mascara, UD 24/7 liner in Zero, Too Faced Shadow Insurance and whatever eye shadow I happen to have picked up), though I'm doubtful that it would do a job on anything heavier than that.

Would I recommend this? For my gym bag, yes - for 79p you can't really go wrong! But if you wear heavier make up than that described above I'd probably say save your pennies and go for something like Boots No7 Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover which is my usual staple. Having said that, its such a bargain that its not the end of the world if you buy it and don't get on with it. Plus you'll have enough cash left to buy another (much needed) lippie!



  1. Thanks for a review ;)

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  2. I work at Wilkinsons :) Have never tried this hough :)



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