Tuesday, 6 April 2010

REVIEW: Aussie Dual Personality part 1: Curl Definition and Soft Feel Serum

aussie serum

One of my staple hair products is serum – I’m never without the stuff! I use it both before and after styling to tame the frizz and eliminate any flyaway static-y bits of hair that I always seem to have. I’m a bit of a Paul Mitchell devotee, and have always used Super Skinny serum, which I absolutely love. I recently went away for the weekend and somehow forgot to pack serum, so in a mad panic I picked up this Aussie product in the supermarket. I think that it cost me about £4.50 for 75 ml which is slightly cheaper that the Paul Mitchell product (£14 for 150ml). To be honest I’ve not really tried all that many Aussie products, in fact the only one I can remember using is the ubiquitous 3 Minute Miracle but I was drawn by the name of the product – since having shorter hair I’ve been dabbling with curls instead of the poker straight hair I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I’m quite impressed by this product and will probably use it alongside my Paul Mitchell staple so I thought I’d do a little review on it.

The serum claims to revive and separate each curl, giving  defined but bouncy locks with a soft feel. Ever the cynic, I was a bit dubious about the statements made but I’m happy to report that the product lives up to most of them.

The Serum contains  Australian Jojoba Seed oil which acts as a  built-in conditioner aid for your hair – which is definitely a bonus when you have slightly straw-like bleached locks like mine.

The product is clear (as expected) and slightly runnier than the Paul Mitchell product (which is the only other serum I’ve used) but this doesn’t cause me any problems. Oh, and it has the standard Aussie scent which I happen to love.

I prefer to use this on dry hair than wet as it makes my hair feel beautifully soft and shiny. When used on wet hair it gives plenty of definition but not so much softness. Having said that, its a great product for putting on your hair and leaving to dry naturally if you can’t be bothered with drying and straightening.

The Verdict? I’m not going to abandon Paul Mitchell yet but I’ll definitely use this product when I want curly locks or I’m giving the straighteners a rest.



  1. I love aussie hair products:)
    Might have to bob down to boots and try this one sometime.

  2. Aussie products in superdrugs are doing an offer now. buy 2 products for £6
    I've got this product and I love it!


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