Saturday, 17 April 2010

Long, Short or Choppy?

hair ideas 1



…..decisions, decisions!



  1. i'm in the middle of this dilemma too! i think i'll be getting some short layers to get more volume near my crown but not cutting off too much length because i'd like to grow my hair long!

  2. I love Nicole's haircut in the top picture! I've always wanted to go a lot shorter but that would mean straightening it every day, my hair's very curly naturally. Maybe I'll do it eventually! x

  3. I love Silver [90210]'s hair - she looks amaaazing!! I really want to get my hair done like hers but am so scared it wont suit me [I have very long thick hair and always have]. x

  4. @Jenny - I like the idea of having some more short layers, my hair is very fine and flat so it needs all the help it can get when it comes to volume!

    @LadyDanger - I have curly hair too, which is why I can't really get away with a fringe. Think Nicole's hair may be a bit boring without the fringe!

    @Freckles Love and Laughter Lines - I think Silver's is my favourite too! Think I'm going to take the plunge :)


  5. i have really curly hair and had a thick fringe cut. was risky but turned out ok but did have to straighten a lot cos i NEVER wear my hair curly!

    I cant decide which i like most, nicole richie or silvers.

    Let us know how it goes! xx


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