Monday, 4 January 2010

Rating and Slating 04/01/10


·         MAC's Warm and Cozy collection - I've only bought two items from the collection, btu the more I've seen of it the more I want! This is not good for my spending ban.

·         Getting my gym mojo back - 4 days into January and I've realised I actually quite like going to the gym…its just the getting there that is the hard part!

·         Nights in as opposed to nights out - Cheap, cheerful and who says you can't get dressed up??



·         Being back at work - I've realised that I'm not cut out for this working lark, I should be a lady of leisure!

·         Snow/Ice/Crap Weather - All this snow has resulted in my car beong stuck on the drive, and means I have to use the dreaded peasant wagon. I don't get on well with public transport.

·         Taking the Christmas decorations down - the house always looks so bare in January :( Maybe its time to redecorate??





  1. My house always feels so bare when my decorations are down aswel! depressing! XO

  2. I agree about the christmas decorations! the living room looks so empty without the pretty tree! xo


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