Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's love.....

Hello Everyone

Sorry its been a while since I last posted, but as some of you will know from my Twitter updates I've been having some broadband problems! thankfully they're all sorted now so hopefully normal service will resume.

As you may have noticed from my recent posts I've been on a bit of a health/gym kick (like he rest of the UK) since the beginning of January. I've been doing really well with going to the gym etc but my massive weakness for sweet things has been letting me down. When I was in Sainsburys at the weekend I spotted some new Mullerlight Yogurts with chocolate sprinkles and thought "why not??" so I picked a multipack up and haven't been able to put them down since!

My personal favourite is the orange and chocolate ones - make no mistake, its no Terry's Chocolate Orange but its a pretty yummy compromise!!



  1. Oh that sounds lovely!!

  2. @fordgredial - They're absolutely delicious! I just had the vanilla and black cherry one, the chocolate sprinkles make it almost as good as Black Forest Gateau - yum!!


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