Sunday, 3 January 2010

Oops I did it again…..

Seriously, that song could have been written for me! As some of you will be aware, I’m currently on a self-imposed spending ban. This is meant to mean no purchases at all, however I got a couple of Debenhams gift cards for Christmas, so what did I do?? I went to the MAC concession of course!

As soon as I spotted posts about the Warm and Cozy collection springing up I knew I had to investigate further, and investigate I did. Though I slightly overspent the value of the gift cards, I’m not feeling any buyers remorse whatsoever as I’m completely hooked on the two bits I picked up….so much so that I may have to got back to pick up the other TLC (I know, I know!)

I came away with Feelin’ Good Tinted Lip Conditioner and By Candlelight Mineralize Skin Finish. SAM_0027I tried to take some swatches but the lighting is terrible so I gave up, instead, here’s a pic of Feelin’ Good on my smackers.SAM_0030 First impressions are that I love both products, Feelin’ Good is probably going to be my new staple lip product for during the day, and I might just have to go and pick up a backup. By Candlelight is a gorgeous peachy/pinky tone with gold reflects which has re-ignited (no pun intended) my love for MSFs!

Did anyone else pick up something from the new collections? If so link me to your posts!



  1. Oooh i want By Candlelight it looks amazing

    P.S I never even realised i wasnt following you missy oops i now am a follower :D

  2. I've only ever bought one MAC product but I really like the look of that lip conditioner! :) Lovely blog btw. Check out mine ♥

  3. hey huni i got by candlelight a few days ago im not a huge fan of msf's but this one was a must lol its gorgeous i love it xx

  4. YAY!! Fab items!! I love both of the things you bought and need to check them out(tomorrow)!! Peachy pink you say, I must have it! I broke my spending ban today so you are in good company, except mine was just superdrug!! Whats the lip conditioner like mixed with oother colours?? I need a conditioning mixer :)

    Mwah!!! x


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