Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rating and Slating 25/03/2010


  • Sunny days - its not exactly scorching, but the sunshine we've had this last week has definitely lifted my mood
  • Looking forward to a fun packed weekend - one of my besties is coming up for the weekend and we've made lots of exciting plans including going to play in the snow at Xscape on Saturday - yay!
  • True Blood – I held off watching season 2 online but I’m loving it on FX HD! Alexander Skarsgard in HD = doubly delicious!

normal_True-BloodDotNet_Season2_028 (it had to be done!)


  • Car Insurance - turns out my insurance has shot up since getting my new wheels, which means even less cash to splurge on fun things :(
  • Running out of reading material – now I’ve finished the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries I’m all out of books. Think a trip to Waterstones on payday is required!


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  1. Here is a little find of mine which might help re: books, means you can sell your old ones, and buy new ones and to me seems much better than ebay for books.

    Amy x


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