Monday, 8 March 2010


WARNING: This is probably not the most glamorous post you're ever going to read, but I need to share.

I'm one of those people who NEVER get ill, or spots (not that ill and spots are anything like similar, but you catch my drift). I'm one of those annoyingly healthy people who laughs in the face of sniffles and pimples. Today, however all that has changed. I'm the (not so proud) owner of a stye. And it hurts. Muchos.

I'm not entirely sure what a stye is, why I have one, or indeed why is hurts so bloody much when I blink, all I know is its on my waterline and has prevented me wearing eye makeup/contact lenses. Oh, and did I mention it hurts?!

Following a quick Google search I'm not much the wiser, apparently they come on when you're tired/stressed (check and check) and to get rid of it you rub the little blighter with a gold ring (the last bit sounds a lot like an old wives tale to me!). I thought better of taking a photo as there are much nicer things to look at such as new MAC collections, but if anyone has any tips/miracle cures/hokey witch doctor remedies to get rid of it PLEASE let me know!!

Ta muchly :)

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  1. Hey, I had one of those last week, and it healed up all on its own in 2 days.

    I went to Boots ot get some 'Golden eye' ointment that I used when I had one before, but they dont do it any more. The parmasist said if I put some luke warm water on a cotton wool bud and bathed it 3 times a day, then that would get the infection out and help a lot. I did buy some eye drops just to be on the safe side, but it had gone bfore I used them!!

    Dont wear any eye makeup while you have it as you could reinfect your eye at a later date, or infect it now with something worse. It's a blocked eyelash follicule. Painful but it shoudl go away very quickly.

    Hope that helped a bit. :) Emma

  2. Thank you! I'll give that a whirl :)


  3. got an old trick that i learned a few years ago and weirdly it does work. So i dont know if you are married but if you get a gold ring and rub it on the skin under your eye where the swelling is it gets rid of the stye within a day do it a few time though throughout the day. hope that helps lol :)


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