Sunday, 27 December 2009

Questions, Questions, Questions

Before I get onto my Christmas pressie post (I hear these aren’t flavour of the month but I like being nosy and I’m sure other bloggers out there are just the same), I thought I’d finally finish my make up survey post. This was stolen from the lovely Jo about a month ago but I just haven’t got round to doing it until now. I’ve edited it down a bit, mainly because I have other things to do tonight and completing it was taking an absolute age!

Just some basics.

Name: Briony
Age: 24
Location: Sheffield
Birthday: 25th August
Single or taken: Taken
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: too much!
Skin Complexion: Fair
Age you started wearing make up: About 15/16


Do you wear eyeliner? Yes
Liquid or Pencil: Both
Colors: Black/Brown
Brands: Urban Decay, No 7, Collection 2000, MAC
How many eyeliner pencils/liquid eyeliners do you own? About 25
Do you line your inner rim, bottom lid, or top lid? All of the above
Everyday use or only Occasionally: Every day
Do you wear eyeshadow? Yes
Everyday or just whenever you go out? When I go out mainly
Which colors do you wear the most? Neutrals
Stick, powder, or cream? Powder
Brands: MAC, Barry M, Sleek
Do you line your bottom lid and/or inner corner with eyeshadow? sometimes
How many sets of eyeshadow do you own? I haven’t got enough fingers or toes!
All together what colors? Mainly neutrals, golds and bronzes
Do you wear mascara? Yes
Color: Black and brown
Brand:Lancome, Maybelline
Waterproof? No
Top lashes, bottom, or both? Both
How many coats? 2-3
How many tubes of mascara do you own? 10 +  
Do you curl your eyelashes? Yes
If so, do you curl them before or after you apply mascara? Before
How many eyelash curlers do you own? 2
Everyday use (both mascara and curler) or only occasional? Everyday
Do you get your eyebrows waxed or do you pluck? Pluck
1st time you did your eyebrows, did you do them yourself or done professionally? Myself


Lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, stains, or just chapstick? Lipstick
Colors/flavors: Nudes
Brands: MAC, Maybelline, Lancome
How many do you own? 30 + 
Everyday use or occasional? Everyday
Do you wear lip liner? No

Face / Cheeks

Do you wear blush? Yes
Brands & colors: MAC, No7, Maybelline, Bourjois pinks 
How many do you own? 15 ish 
Everyday use or Occasional: Everyday
Do you use tinted moisturizer or any other kind of moisturizer? Yes  
If so what kind? Soap and Glory 
How many do you own? 3
Everyday use or occasional: Everyday
Do you use bronzer? Yes
If so, what brand? Bourjois
How many do you own? 3
Everyday use or occasional: Occasional
Do you use concealer or foundation? Both
If so which brand? Maybelline / Rimell 
How many do you own? 6
Everyday use or occasional: Everyday
Do you use a highlighter? Yes
If so which brand and color? Benefit Moon Beam/High Beam 
How many do you own? 3
Everyday or occasional: Everyday
What kind of face wash do you use? Witch  
Any other stuff you use for your face? Like acne medication: No
Do you exfoliate? Yes
Method of exfoliation: Face scrub
Do you use any kind of mask? No
If so what kind/what's it called? Soap & Glory
Do you use any kind of pressed powder? Yes
If so which brand? MAC MSF Natural  
Everyday use or occasional: Everyday
How many do you own? 2


Body Spray or Perfume: Perfume
Favorite fragrance: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 
How many do you own? 5 bottles (different perfumes)
Everyday or occasional: Everyday


What color is your hair? Platinum blonde
Is it your natural color? No
If not, what's your natural color? dark blonde 
Did you dye it yourself or get it done professionally? profesionally
If you did it yourself what brand of dye did you use? n/a
If done professionally what salon did you go to? a place called The Color (its the only salon I know that uses Paul Mitchell colours even though it is a 180 mile round trip!)
Do you have highlights? No
How long is your hair? just touching my shoulders  
Is it layered? No
Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Curly 
If naturally curly or wavy do you straighten it?  yes
Which method, straightener or chemical straightener? my trusty GHDs 
Professionally of done yourself? done myself 
How many times do you wash your hair a week? 2-3
Which shampoo do you use? Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde / Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes 
If your hair is naturally straight do you curl it? Sometimes
Which method, Curling iron or the whole scrunching thing? Curling iron
Which styling products do you use? Paul Mitchell Heat Seal, Daily Boost and Super Skinny Serum 
How many times do you get your hair cut a year? every 5 weeks

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  1. Yay.. Im glad some else did this too, thanks hunny. It took me like forever! haha, I should have cut it down a bit too.



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