Friday, 11 December 2009

A Storage Post....

I thought I’d do a quick post on where I chuck how I store my make up. I somehow managed to convince the Mr to turn our second spare bedroom into a dressing room for me a few months ago, and I’ve finally got a new floor in it (how middle aged am I?!) so here is a sneaky peek at where the ‘magic’ happens…..

IMG00175-20091207-2203 ….it’s come on a little bit since the plastic drawers! I’m looking for some white drawers to match my dressing table but I’m struggling to find anything for under £300, hopefully after Christmas it will be looking a bit more colour co-ordinated.

Anyway on to the storage (and my pitiful collection). I’m currently using a set of boxes I picked up in Next last Summer.


IMG00178-20091207-2204 Eye shadows/liners:

IMG00179-20091207-2204Mascaras/blush/face products:


I’ve tried to separate things out so that I don’t start slapping eye shadow on my cheeks when I’m a bit bleary eyed in the morning, but I’ve realised that my haphazard system needs a bit of an overhaul. I’ve been inspired by the cute drawers which have come highly recommended in this post by the lovely Toni. I’ve been to Meadowhall in search of them three times now to no avail, but I’m determined to get my sticky paws on them sooner or later.

As you can see I’m in desperate need of some organisation, I hear Anthea Turner is at a loose end……….



  1. Where is the vanity/table from? I'm looking for something like that!

  2. Its from ebay, the shop is Sylvesters of Oxford (

    I've bought a few things from there, they sell some gorgeous furniture and nick nacks


  3. Love the table! I need something like this but have no room. :-(

    Michelle (

  4. That vanity is precious:).
    LOVE your collection chica!


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