Thursday, 19 November 2009

To chop or not to chop?

I've finally got an appointment with my hairdresser tomorrow (after 8 whole weeks of waiting) but I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I have a bit of a skewed relationship with my hair in that I cut it short, I want it long, I grow it out and I want it short (repeat to fade). I know this is probably not an uncommon phenomenon for most of femalekind, but I think its time that I broke the cycle.

I'm growing out an inverted bob at the moment, which I absolutely loved (at the time), it took about 5 minutes to dry, was easy to style and saved me an absolute fortune in product. The only issue I had with it was at the gym as it was a bit of a nightmare to tie back, but a few snazzy hairbands soon solved that little problem. I can hardly remember what I looked like with long hair (as I have an aversion to cameras there is very little photographic proof), but here is the only pic I have on this laptop of me with long hair.....

I'm thinking short is still the way to go......thoughts???



  1. Don't chop! I love your style with long hair. It's cool and sexy!

  2. I think that the bob really suits you doll!


  3. I am trying to grow my hair out after going from long to short, and I'm sure I will go short again once I have grown it out - us women eh!

    I would say get an inch or two cut off your bob, maybe a bit of a restyle and see how you feel. Then if you want to grow it long you still have the option, or if you want to go shorter you can too! Get it mid length while you are undecided.


  4. Thanks ladies! I'm sat in the hairdressers now, will let you see what I end up with! xx


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