Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rating and Slating 04/11/2009


Bonfire Night - I absolutely LOVE bonfire night - Jacket potatoes, cinder toffee, sparklers…….its possibly my favourite night of the year

GOSH Nail Polish in Black Passion - I bought this yesterday in the 3 for 2 GOSH promotion which is currently in Superdrug, its black with tiny flecks of silver - pretty! (Haul post coming later)

Sleek Graphite Palette (still)  - I'm not going to do a review on this as I'm sure lots of other bloggers have done a much better job than I would, but I'm still loving it

Nights on the sofa with the Mr - add Ben and Jerry's and NCIS LA and I'm a very happy bunny


Ignorance - How can people not appreciate the mid-nineties genius of Hole (and Courtney Love). About 3 people got my Halloween outfit, I was crushed!

Christmas shoppers - Meadowhall has gone from being my venue of choice for a Sunday afternoon mooch to bearing a (more than passing )resemblance to Hades.

Cheryl Cole's X Factor wardrobe - Sack the stylist - PRONTO!!



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  1. I agree about some of Cheryl Cole's recent outfits - bad times! x


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