Sunday, 9 May 2010

REVIEW: Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press


Regular readers will be aware that I’m a bit of a Paul Mitchell devotee. I’ve tried out hair products from almost every brand going, but I usually always come back to Paul Mitchell. Though they are slightly more expensive than the products you would pick up in Boots, I’m a firm believer that its worth splashing out on professional products as they are so much more effective, and generally last much longer too.

The latest Paul Mitchell product I’ve tried is the Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Spray. I picked this up last time I was at the hairdressers, and I believe its a relatively new product. Because my hair is bleached it needs a bit of extra protection, and my hairdresser has always drummed it into me that drying/straightening my hair without first using a a heat protection spray is a cardinal sin, akin to lying by the pool without wearing sun cream. I generally use Heat Seal as my heat protection spray, but my hairdresser sold this to me as it’s part of the Express Style range, and anything that makes drying my hair quicker is worth a try in my book.

Hot Off The Press is much more than just a heat protection spray, it also acts as a flexible hold hairspray which means that I don’t need to overload my hair with products – one will do.  According to the blurb, rice hull extract acts as a barrier between the hair and heat  and wheat proteins strengthen the hair.  The spray is an aerosol and gives a lighter mist than traditional heat protection spray. I find that a light spray before drying/straightening and also immediately after leaves me with perfect straight hair that holds its shape and volume for a good couple of days. The hold is very natural so it doesn't look like you’ve piled on the products or make your hair crispy like some hairsprays. I’d liken the hold to Soft Spray, and the smell to Hold Me Tight (which to the uninitiated is lovely).

The thing that I really like about this product is that it is as effective on dry hair as it is on wet hair, meaning that it is great for touch-ups, or straightening naturally dried hair. 

I haven’t yet tried this before curling my hair, but from past experience with Paul Mitchell products I’m sure that it will be fabulous. I’d definitely give this product a massive thumbs up!


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