Friday, 14 May 2010

Bargain-tastic Haul

Hello lovelies

bargain I thought I’d do a quick post on some of the bargains I have picked up this week.

First up are two of the Special Edition Nails Inc polishes in London and Paris. I’ve had some issues with Nails Inc polish in the past, however I pretty much run on Diet Coke and figured that as they were free it would be rude not to get involved. I’ve fallen completely in love with London and am planning on picking up a back-up over the weekend.

Next, I put my No 7 vouchers to good use for once. Usually I use them on eye make-up remover as I’ve never been very taken with No 7 products, but after a glowing reference from Rhamnousia I picked up a couple of the Metallic Eye Pencils, in gold and green. I’ve been really impressed by these so far and may have to pick up some of the other colours, turquoise and blue in particular have been screaming out to me!

Finally, my favourite bargains of the week were 3 full-size Paul Mitchell conditioners for £6 in Debenhams – yes, you read that right SIX POUNDS!! All in, they should have set me back somewhere around the £30 mark. As regular readers will be aware I’m a Paul Mitchell junkie and (after concealing a squeal of excitement) I picked up a Super Skinny Treatment and two Daily Moisture Boost conditioners. I found out the reason that they were on sale at such a knock-down price was because the in-store salon was closing down, if only I’d realised this earlier in the week I’d have cleaned them out!!

p.s Sorry about the dodgy picture quality, I’ve lost my camera lead – again!!



  1. I love the polishes free with diet coke! I cant get my hands on London or Paris though to complete my collection. Managed to get the other two though.
    That's a great haul! Well worth the pennies!

    Lisa xx

  2. They have PM in my local Boots but they overprice it something rotten, if they're closing them down then I'm going to have a good old look.

    I also need to pick up some more of those pencils and I want..nay, NEED to get some more of the polishes as they apply well. My dad bought my mum the whole range last weekend.

  3. Er..Boots? You can see how excited cheap makeup gets me, I clearly meant Debenhams.

  4. woah - bargainous! hehe xo

  5. @mybutterfly - I'm a sucker for a bargain so I was very pleased with myself!

    @Rhamnousia - haha I'm exactly the same. I was beside myself with excitement when I got back to the office, everyone else thought I'd lost it!

    @Jennie - Can't believe that I got all of it for under £20!!


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