Saturday, 22 May 2010

Reasons to be cheerful….

All in all I’ve had a pretty rubbish week this week, what with falling off the gym wagon due to a heinously busy week at work, the Mr being away all weekend and silly fall-outs with one of the besties due to incompatible diaries. I was planning on sitting on the sofa all weekend and wallowing in self-pity but I realised not only is that a complete waste of a weekend but its also counter productive, so I decided to head off on a little road trip to my brothers and count my blessings instead – which made me realise that I need to give myself a good shake and get on with it.

I thought that I would share some of my reasons to be cheerful, so that the next time I’m feeling sorry for myself I can re-read this post and realise how silly I’m being!

  • Three weeks to my holiday -  I absolutely can’t wait, In under a month I’ll be topping up my tan here:


  • The besties – like any group of friends we have our ups and downs, but I know that they’ll always be there for me – whether its to tell me to man up and stop moping around or with a shoulder to cry on complete with Ben and Jerry’s.

amy and flick

  • My family – I haven’t lived with my mum and dad for almost 7 years now, and my brother is currently exiled at the other end of the country but I know that I just need to pick up the phone to be cheered up by any one of them.
  • The Mr – there's not really much that needs to be said here, I love him to pieces
  • Millie – she’s always there for a cuddle (even if I don’t particularly want one!)

Imported Photos 00071

So there you have it, my reasons to smile! Sometimes I just need to remember not be such a miserable sod an shake myself!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine :)


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  1. I'm late commenting on this one, but I'm sorry you had a shit week. I know that feeling alllll too well at the moment but I'm trying to keep my chin up!

    You can't be many sleeps away from your holiday now, exciting! It looks lovely, even though I don't tan and I can't sit on a beach for more than about 3 minutes before I get restless and need to get up and do something :)



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