Thursday, 15 July 2010

REVIEW: Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment

pm moisture

As you have probably noticed I absolutely LOVE Paul Mitchell products – so much so that I should probably be on commission! The reason I’m so enamoured by them is that I’ve yet to come across a bad one. I’ve tried about 15 products from the range and I can safely say that I would repurchase each and every one of them.

The product that I’ve chosen to review today is one of the bargains I picked up in Debenhams a few weeks ago when the in-store hairdressers was closing. I believe that this product would usually set you back around £11, but I managed to snaffle two for the princely sum of four English pounds, much to my delight.

As my hair is bleached I do struggle with dryness – often my hair bears more resemblance to a haystack than golden tresses, but I persevere in the never-ending quest for silky locks (usually with more than a little help from Aussie’s wonderful 3 minute miracle).

The product is billed as a daily treatment, which seems like a bit of a contradiction –I mean who uses a conditioning treatment on their hair daily?! Surely you’d end up with a head like an oil slick?! I think that the product is sort of a halfway house between a treatment and a conditioner – its light enough so that I find I can use it 3/4 times a week without ending up with a greasy mop, or alternatively I can slather it on, and leave it to do its magic for 5 -10 min minutes and be left with gorgeous silky hair.

I don’t really know how to describe the scent other than clean – it doesn't have a stand-out scent like some of the other PM products, so it would probably be a good product for someone with a sensitive scalp too.

Its not going to replace my beloved 3 minute miracle as my go-to treatment, but I love it all the same (especially for 2 quid!)


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