Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lovea's Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Body Lotion (pics to follow)

This was another product sent to me for review purposes by MyPure. This retails on the MyPure site at £6.99 for 200ml. 

My first impressions of the product were that the packaging is great - I'm a big fan of pump-action dispensers, as they're much cleaner, more hygenic and its easier to regulate how much product you are getting than it would be with a squeezy bottle. Also the smell is lovely - very similar to the scent of the Moroccan L'Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo, which is no bad thing! I'd be interested to know whether this is a scent which occurs throughout the Lovea range, or whether it's a coincidence that the two products I've reviewed smell very similar? 

Consistency-wise, I found the moisturiser to be light and great for throwing in my gym bag, however I do have quite dry skin, and I found that it wasn't really rich enough for me to use on its own and I needed to top up my moisture levels with a body butter every couple of days. It soaks in very quickly (so ideal for use in the morning) and doesn't feel at all greasy.

 I'd recommend this as a light moisturiser for people with normal skin, but for my slightly drier than average skin it wasn't quite moisturising enough.

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