Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pretty pretty pretty!!

Behold the fabulousness!!

Payday has arrived, and with it my first splurge!! I've been eyeing up this beauty from Firetrap for about two months but managed to avoid a purchase as I didn't think I'd ever actually wear it.

Now I've booked a holiday and put in some gym time its a whole different story and my steely(ish) resolve cracked!

I ordered it at lunchtime, and its now winging its way to me - eek!

As you can tell I'm slightly excited!! As I'm a bit on the titchy side it will probably need taking up, but I'm thinking with high gladiators (more on the beauties I spotted in Kurt Geiger later) and huge sunnies I'll be on to a winner!

What do you think ladies?!


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