Tuesday, 19 May 2009

If at first you don't succeed....

Then give up! Or so I figured when I took up spinning classes.

On this occasion, however I'm on a mission to find a sheer foundation and I won't give up until I've found one that fits the bill.

After getting over yesterday's misadventure with Olay's offering (Oompa Loompa is not the look I'm going for), I gave 17's Sheer Moisture Foundation a whirl. As you can tell the bank balance is flagging a bit at the moment - hopefully after payday I'll be trying out some non-shoestring options!

Anyway I was almost pleasantly suprised with this one. The light shade was a reasonable match for my complexion and it seemed to blend well too. It didn't have the best staying power, and was a little bit cakey in places but it certainly knocked the socks off olay's effort!! Plus it was about a fiver which I think is an absolute bargain!


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