Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fringe Benefits


Can you believe that I schedule ONE post and it doesn’t work?! Typical.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter and missed my post-drastic-cut-wobbles, between Christmas and New Year I was feeling particularly ‘meh’ about my hair so I decided it was high time that I went for the chop. I was planning on going back to my trusty chin-length bob but somehow my hairdresser managed to convince me that a fringe was the way to go. Considering the fact that I haven’t had a fringe for about 12 years I was surprisingly easily led and a 40 minutes later there was no going back.

I wasn’t entirely sure about it to start with but I think I’m just about getting used to it now, so much so that instead of growing it out immediately as I originally intended, I’ve become quite attached to it!



  1. Olá, gostei muito do teu blog.
    Podes passar no meu ser seguidora e divulgar?
    obrigado, beijos

  2. Just found your blog - great hair cut. You look like a blonde Jessie J, a complement, she is fab! x


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