Sunday, 8 March 2009

Abstinence (or lack of!!) & Mac mini haul

So my new year's resolution was to try and abstain from impulse beauty buys, which was going quite well until his week!

I wasn't really grabbed by anything in the new Hello Kitty collection after seeing swatches online but somehow I ended up getting sucked in. I decided to pop to the local Mac concession (oh how I wish we had a stand alone shop, but thats another rant for another day!) and came away with the brush set, Tippy blush, Popster and Pink Fish tinted lip conditioners and Cutester lipstick. I'm happy with some purchases and not so happy with others.

On the whole the actual products are great (especially Pink Fish which I absolutely adore), but the brush set was a major let down. Sure, its got the cute factor but the brushes themselves were not at all impressive. I compared the 187 in the set to my full size brush and there is no comparison!!

Oh well, at least it looks nice on my dressing table!


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